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Welcome to KY-IBIS; Kentucky's Public Health Injury Data Resource

Welcome to KSPAN's Indicator-Based Injury Surveillance System (KY-IBIS). This site provides statistical numerical data as well as contextual information on the health status of Kentuckians and the state of Kentucky's health care system.

Getting Started

The tabbed navigation menu located toward the top of this page is organized by the types of content available on this site. To get started click on the desired tab. This will take you to an introduction page specific to that section of the site. A "Content and Usages" type page is also available in each section that describes in more detail the type of data available in that section and how that data it is intended to be used. Listed below is a brief description of each of the main sections available on this site.

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  • Brief, Up-to-date Reports
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  • Prevention information
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  • User-defined queries
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Please see the main Contents and Usage page for additional information about the intended usage of each of these sections.

News and Updates

For the latest news and system updates, please go to the News and Updates page which lists the most recent publications, new or updated indicator profile reports, new or updated query datasets, and any general website functionality changes.

Questions, Concerns, and Feedback

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Your feedback is very valuable in helping us provide a site that meets the public's and your data needs.

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